Bobath Review on Web Development

Last year we embarked on a very exciting and hopefully very successful project: updating our website.

At Fundación Bobath we are dedicated to the treatment of children and young people with cerebral palsy. Our Foundation’s website is our cover letter. We believe it is the key element that will make companies and individuals discover and trust us, support our mission and collaborate with us in achieving our goals. 

When looking to relaunch it, we needed to count on expert people, with years of experience in the sector and a team that was capable of guiding and advising us.

After researching multiple options, we chose GoodBytes: years of experience, with participation in very successful projects and a work philosophy compatible with ours. In April 2021, we got down to work.

From the word go we felt they were committed to our project as if it was their own. 

Working with our project managers David and Jose has been wonderful: their interest in getting to know the Foundation and our philosophy in order to bring our message online, their creative proposals to add value to our brand, their availability when it came to solving challenges that were emerging… All this has meant that the process of updating our website has exceeded our expectations.

The results speak for themselves. 

Our website reaches more people every day: our audience has grown by 40% and the average session duration also increased considerably, highlighting the relevancy and accessibility of our content. 

But it’s when analysing conversions that we have reaffirmed the success of the website: web donations have grown by 300% in just two months; we receive daily contact requests, which, thanks to the configuration of our website forms, are now automatically redirected to the relevant department; and the automation of all processes has made it easier for us to manage and engage with both beneficiaries and supporters.

The final result, both visual and strategic, has been so satisfactory that we do not want to stop counting on David and Jose in the future. What started as a project with a start and end date has turned into a collaboration, which we hope will be endless.

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