Digital Marketing Agency for Nonprofits

We are, a digital marketing agency for social good, specialised in helping nonprofits, charities, NGOs and worthy causes accelerate their mission through digital.

Whether you are launching a new idea and are looking for a guiding hand to help you take your first digital steps, have a clear vision and want to 10x your progress or have been running a successful operation for years but feel there is something you are missing, we can help.

Charity Digital Marketing

We live in a beautiful world, which lately seems to need all the help we can give it.

We need people with ambitious ideas, capable of driving growth beyond pure personal interests and foreign bank accounts. Ideas that help take care of each other and build a better society.

That’s where you come into place. Working for a social cause brings incredible personal rewards, but is not always easy: tight budgets, understaffed departments, outdated or clunky technology can make for challenging working conditions. That’s why you deserve all the credit.

And for us… you see, as professional marketeers who went from selling products to selling smiles, we have the utmost admiration for you. And we simply want to help. Hopefully that will make us one of the good guys -and gals- too.


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Help without Hassle

Having worked for many years on the client side of big multinational companies, I have had the pleasure -and sometimes pain- of being served by some of the biggest agencies out there. Powerful names for whom we sometimes ended up being another line on their P&L, another logo on a fancy presentation aimed at capturing the attention of potential future clients.

So I know the frustration of working with somebody who doesn’t really care, or doesn’t get it. Or both.

That’s why I decided to set up GBN as a small, friendly and most importantly personal venture. I will always have time for a call, and will always do it with a smile on my face -no matter what. I’ll only advise on what I know, and what I know will drive your business forward. The only measure of our success will be yours.

Jose Martínez – Founder

Why work with us?


At GoodBytes, you work with people who care and take a genuine interest in your organisation and delivering value. We thrive helping others succeed.


We adapt to your particular team’s and organisation’s needs, not the other way around. Because here, YOU are the hero.


Being a small and nimble consultancy means you pay for results, not for layers and burocracy and management who add nothing to your mission.

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