Greenpeace and the background of the problem

More than 15,000 hectares of native forests were razed during the quarantine in Argentina.
Greenpeace Argentina el problema de fondo

More than 15,000 hectares of native forests were razed during the quarantine. Nearly 8m in the last three decades, making Argentina one of the top 10 countries for de-forestation. So this International Environment Day and Greenpeace (June 5th) decided to take advantage of the increasing use of video calls and social networks during quarantine.

Using social media to concern people about your cause

Together with the creative agency HOY, Greenpeace launched a series of virtual backgrounds to make the situation of de-forestation in Argentina, visible. Everyone was able use these backgrounds for their stories in Instagram, their TikTok creations, as a background for a videocall…

This campaign is a great way to show how applying the creativity and innovating in your digital strategy you can get a lot of visibility to your organisation getting a profit of the social media without huge investments (or nothing in this case).

However, companies and politicians choose to look the other way. The objective of the campaign “The Background of the Problem” is to send a message and take to the forefront the “background problem”.

For the people that wants to move in the good way, they prepared some backgrounds to download in their website, tutorials to show you how to change your background in different social network and they opened a campaign in their website where anyone can sign up to suppor this cause.

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