A Superhero’s idea to 10x the growth of your email list

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The Challenge

World Wish Day is a yearly occasion of global celebration -and campaigning- for children’s charity Make-A-Wish. As with any globally oriented campaign, crafting communication strategy and materials suited for every territory is hard, and Make-A-Wish Singapore found themselves a month before the big day with a campaign that wasn’t suited for their audience.

nonprofit lead generation case study

The Opportunity

Iron Man Make a Wish Singapore

Robert Downey Jr -that’s right, Mr Ironman himself- was going to be in town around the same date to announce the launch of the upcoming hit movie Avengers: Infinity War, and would be open to meet some of the brave wish children. 

We couldn’t let this opportunity go by. 

The question was, how to make it relevant for our audience or every day heroes?

The Idea

We VERY quickly came up with an overall concept that would fit the theme and encourage acquisition and monetisation: Wish Children need a HERO -Be one for them! 

As part of a month-long campaign that ended up raising over $40,000 (or a quarter of their overall digital fundraising for the year), we launched their SuperHero Academy, a lead generation for nonprofits and nurturing campaign that would encourage web visitors to sign up to learn how to be a hero -setting them up for a 5-part automated email journey that would educate them about Make-A-Wish’s mission and how they could become a heroic supporter.

Super Hero Academy

The Implementation

As most other organisations, Make-A-Wish Singapore already had a newsletter subscription box on their website.
As most other organisations, it was hidden and boring, and therefore inefficient.
So we changed that 😊

  • Implemented Privy to deliver permanent web ribbons and pop-ups on exit intent to capture attention
  • We created a value-exchange proposition for visitors, and one that looked appealing and cool
  • We used cheeky language, including the fact that you could sign up for FREE, to encourage conversion
Nonprofit lead generation case study Hero Academy

The Results

MAW Singapore went from 20 subscribers through their website in the previous 2 months to 30 subscribers in the campaign launch week and 118 throughout the month just on this piece -a 12x increase in conversions that would go on to deliver almost 2,000 new subscribers in the year. That’s a lot of new and educated supporters ready to be engaged.

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