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How lead-magnets can help you acquire thousands of free leads via your current website

The Problem

A key pillar of our digital strategy for Spanish nonprofit Taller de Solidaridad is lead generation, and optimising their website as a  lead generation for nonprofits source. 

Within the first few months of working with the organisation, we realised that the majority of contacts acquired were schools, high schools and universities. These institutions were interested in the educational materials the charity distributes to teach about equality.

Armed with this insight, we knew we had to create a value proposition that would drive engagement and offer value to our new friends. This is how the 2020 Solidarity Olympics were born: a digital proposition that invited users to celebrate important landmarks in the educational calendar such as International Women’s Day, World Book Day or Fair Trade Day by completing a series of online activities. The participant would obtain a digital medal for each activity completed… complete the five activities, and you get the full (digital) Olympic trophy!

Unfortunately, shortly after our campaign started, the global pandemic exploded, leading to the closure of schools. As with the Tokyo Olympics, we were forced to suspend our Solidarity Olympics.

Olimpiadas de la Solidaridad TdS

What could we do to continue conveying our educational message?


The Opportunity

Busquedas actividades para hacer en casa

Schools had closed, but children and teenagers still needed educational support. The closure of schools triggered a demand for activities to do at home, with online searches like “home activities” increasing exponentially, and trending hashtags like #yomequedoencasa (#Istayathome).


Thus we realized that, despite everything that was happening, Taller de Solidaridad still had a fantastic opportunity to continue to provide value and continue to contribute to help its audience.

The idea

Taller de Solidaridad wanted to continue educating young people in values such as solidarity, gender equality, human rights and the importance of fair trade. We just needed to pivot in our offering, park the Olympic idea for next year and focus on the current demand from individuals at home. 


Thus, we created a package of educational activities intended to be enjoyed at home and provide much needed family-friendly entertainment.


This is how the campaign around #Yomequedoencasa (#IstayAtHome) was born.

Actividad para captar leads ong

The Execution

We developed a small online platform on their website to host the activities, with a simple mechanic for users to register and access the materials. At the same time, we adapted communications to use the schools in our database as distribution centers for the activities: they wouldn´t be the end users any more, they would be the conduit through which the resources reached the students and their families.

What did this look like? 

  • Adaptation of initial Solidatiry Olympics to the new “Stay at home” proposal
  • Creation of landing pages and a registration process using the Elementor visual constructor
  • Platform integration with their email service provider and automation of communications, triggered with each new record.
  • Keyword Research and content writing to optimize on-page nonprofit SEO
  • Dedicated traffic-driving campaign via their Google Ad Grant
Actividades para hacer en casa

The Results

Over the two months at the peak of restrictions in Spain, this initiative obtained a total of 1,020 leads -a great example of how reacting early and well to an unexpected situation can translate into good results.

As a side benefit, the campaign drove enormous awareness through social channels and gained over 4,000 impressions and 800 visits via the Google Ads Grants campaign, equivalent to around $660 of investment in advertising.

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