Lead Generation Tools for an NGO website

Find a list of useful tools for lead generation on your nonprofit's website
Lead generation ngo website

Lead generation on an NGO’s own website

Lead generation is a non-intrusive first step in your conversion funnel, and today there are an almost infinite number of lead generation tools that can help you drive conversions.

Once subscribed, your lead has given you permission to be informed, inspired and loved. Do it right, and you will not only have the opportunity to increase awareness and engagement around your cause, you will be able to translate that into hard cash or much needed volunteer hours.

Every visit to your website offers numerous moments for the user to take that first registration step. The key lies in identifying these moments and knowing what to ask for in each one. Taking this into account, you can create a lead generation strategy that is sustained over time. 

Tools for Lead Generation for nonprofits


charity web design

Elementor is a visual web page builder for WordPress that uses the drag and drop system, which makes the creation of web pages a simple process that does not require any code knowledge to use it. Without a doubt, along with a good strategy, it is the most powerful lead generation tool for your organization’s website.

It allows you to create any type of landing page, pop-up, floating buttons and forms with total freedom and with a great variety of design options and segmentation with very few restrictions. In addition, there is a wide variety of resources already created that you can adapt for your projects.

You have a free version and a paid version (from $49 for a website). We use the later and recommend it without any doubt, since the range of recruitment possibilities is as large as you can think of. If you have any questions about web design for your nonprofit with Elementor, we are at your disposal!


lead generation for nonprofits

OptinMonster is a cloud-based software tool that allows you to create marketing campaigns within your website.

This tool offers you the possibility of creating different types of pop-ups in order to obtain the data of your potential collaborators. You can design your own or use pre-defined designs to save time, plus it comes with different segmentation options that will allow you to carry out tests to multiply the conversion rate of your organization’s website.

It isn’t free, but we believe that with prices starting at $9 a month it offers good value for money, considering what it can help you achieve.


website management for nonprofits

A tool with functionalities very similar to the previous one: create campaigns within your website using different means of capture such as pop-ups, bars at the top of the web and many more. It is a very simple tool to use and has plugins available for different platforms : WordPress, Shopify, Tag Manager.

Its learning curve is fast and does not require code knowledge to use it. Its paid version includes a wide variety of predefined designs.

The main advantage for NGOs over the previous tool is its price and that it has a free version that, despite its limitations, is a great way to start improving the conversion of your website. It also has an email management system, so you do not require a third-party account to start creating automated email flow -without a doubt an advantage when it comes to saving time by controlling everything from the same place.


One of the most powerful CRM tools that exist in the current market and, best of all, they have a free version that will allow you to start incorporating lead generation tactics into your website.

As in the case of SumoMe, its great advantages are that it does not require knowledge of code and offers a complete integration within the platform, since its range of available tools is very wide. You can create your own forms, automations, add an online chat.

The downside for organizations is its price, but they have a version for NGOs in which you have to contact them directly to receive advice. In addition, they have created numerous free resources and certifications that can serve to increase the digital marketing knowledge of your team.


Email Marketing for Nonprofits

There are many email marketing tools, but we think Mailerlite is the one that best suits the needs of an NGO: its free version offers up to 1,000 contacts, the sending of 12,000 emails per month and unlimited automations, which undoubtedly differentiates it from other free versions on the market.

In addition, the platform offers numerous possibilities such as pop-ups or landing pages that you can include on your website, giving you the ability to manage everything from a single place. But if you use other platforms, no problem, since they are compatible with all the lead generation tools that we have discussed previously. Its survey module surveys offers great added value, since it can help us guide us to improve our marketing strategy with information collected directly from the users of your database.


Drift is a tool that allows you to incorporate an online chat to your website, so that users can interact in real time with a member of your organization who can answer their questions live. There are many other online chat options and their introduction needs careful consideration, but Draft and similar tools offer a unobtrusive way of establishing a dialogue with a potential supporter.

They have a free version that will allow your organization to evaluate the advantages of incorporating one of these systems to your website to increase your lead generation. In its paid versions, it offers more advanced functions such as authorizations or the creation of chatbots.


RafflePress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create contests within your website in an easy, simple and fast way. Offering a prize in exchange is a great incentive to get your users to fill out a form and, in addition, you can achieve a higher degree of visibility by encouraging them to invite friends or share the giveaway on their social media profiles.

It is a paid plugin for which you have to acquire a user license and it has different price rates depending on the functionalities you need.


Zapier is not a lead generation tool in itself, but a lead generation productivity one. With this tool, you will be able to interconnect almost any system or service you might use, including most standard lead generation tools, Google sheets or even paid media presence like Facebook lead generation ads. 

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