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My name is Jose Martinez, and I am a Marketing and Digital nonprofit consultant and founder of charity digital agency

Different to many professionals in the nonprofit sector, my background and experience combines leadership positions both in the corporate (Nintendo, Head of Digital Strategy) and the third sector (Make-A-Wish, Director of Marketing & Digital). 

While not the most traditional route to become a nonprofit consultant, I feel it has been the most effective in order to provide me with the tools needed to bring real growth & change to the amazing organisations I work with: on the one hand, I bring the skillset and commercial instinct that tends to differentiate the commercial sector; on the other, I understand the empathy and nuances of selling smiles and hope instead of  

Being a licensed translator and interpreter, I feel I am naturally suited to successfully transfer business practices from the commercial to the nonprofit sector. And believe me, that can only be an advantage in a sector that has traditionally underperformed in marketing and digital growth. 

So, why nonprofit consulting?

As much as I enjoyed the thrill of working for a large tech and entertainment multinational, I grew disgrounted with the relentless search for never ending growth. Like many in my generation, I thought there should be something else to my working life than filling the bags of those who already have most. 

I knew I had a valuable set of tools in my toolbox, I just needed to find a different motivation to rekindle my professional love. The jump to nonprofit was a no-brainer. 

Since, I have worked with clients in America, Europe and Asia, accelerated the missions of incredible people I really care about. More than my clients, they have become my friends, and their success is the only measure of mine.

And why focusing on a small nonprofit consultancy?

Having worked for many years on the client side of big multinational companies, I have had the pleasure -and sometimes pain- of being served by some of the biggest agencies out there. Powerful names for whom we sometimes ended up being another line on their P&L, another logo on a fancy presentation aimed at capturing the attention of potential future clients.

So I know the frustration of working with somebody who doesn’t really care, or doesn’t get it. Or both.

That’s why I decided to set up GBN as a small, friendly and most importantly personal venture. I will always have time for a call, and will always do it with a smile on my face -no matter what. I’ll only advise on what I know, and what I know will drive your business forward. The only measure of our success will be yours.

Charity Digital Agency

What moves and motivates me as a nonprofit consultant?

What I call -and excuse my French- “hot shit”. 

Strategies, campaigns and ideas that deliver results for my clients -and above all, the problem-solving process involved in delivering such activities.

Simple, isn’t it?

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Looking for a nonprofit consulting firm?

If you are looking for nonprofit consulting services in the brand, marketing and digital, we would love to hear from you. 

It’s important to get to know your partners and we fully believe in the ethos of showing value before asking for anything in return. For this reason, we offer a free one hour strategy consultancy with one of our directors -more often that not directly with myself.

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