Social Media Strategy for Charities

Increase your engagement and start collecting data and donations from your social media profiles.

Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits

Social Media Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Over 2.77 billion people are expected to be using social media by 2019. Is fundamental to apply the right strategy to get profit from your efforts at the same time that your organization keeps growing.

From engagement to Leads

Is your current Social Media Strategy helping you to reach your goals? We will guide you to choose the right tools that transform social media interactions into qualified leads.

More Donations

Optimize the donation procesions is a fundamental step to grow your organization revenue. Make easier the donation process for your audience.

Keys of Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits

Community Management

We put social media networks management: we develop strategies that help you growing your community with quality followers.

Lead generation

You followers will be immerse in a funnel that will show them your organization values and qualify them to become donors or volunteers.

Facebook for Fundraisers

We will take care of all the process to sign up your organization to this platform that will help you to increase the amount of your donations.

PPC Campaigns

We OPTIMIZE every cent that your money spend in advertising to help you with you to achieve your goal: brand awareness, petitions signs or increase the numbers of donations.

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A Succesful Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits

Using social media correctly gives you the chance to promote your nonprofit and find people to help with your mission. The best thing is their use is free, but if you do not use them in a proper way you will not get return to the time that you are investing. After some years of experience we are the perfect partnes to guide you through this process.


In a competitive world where the most minimum detail makes the difference we put at your disposal our creative to highlight your organization above the rest.

Marketing Automation

As we know that resources for nonprofits are limited, avoid spend hours posting content, answering emails… Discover an automated system to guide your fans through your conversion funnel.

Stakeholder Targeting

We will guide you to share different messages that can be reached for right audience. Every stokeholder will receive a personalized message according their needs.

Grow your Performance

As a result of be creative, target the right audiences, creating a conversion funnel and optimize your campaigns you will see how your campaign results are improving.

How to improve my Social Media Strategy

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