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Nonprofit web design

Web Design for Nonprofits

Your website is the central pillar of your owned digital strategy, and yet on average over 99% of your visitors will leave without taking meaningful action. Potential supporters who once came into your shop and left without even taking a memento to remind them of your cause.

more data

Optimised lead generation processes will help you start conversations with those visitors who are not ready to be converted into actual supporters. Automated communication journeys then ensure you can remind them constantly of your impact and your need.

More income

Shouting about your impact is only the first step. Testing and optimising messages, creating propositions that resonate with potential donors and implementing a technically flawless donation process are all ingredients to ensuring your website brings more cash to your organisation.

Nonprofit Website Management Facts

User Experience

We will ensure that your visitors find what they are looking for and your website is optimised for every device.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Measure everything and take informed action under a constant process of testing and learning to improve performance.


Well-branded and professional-looking websites convert considerably better than amateur looking ones. It’s as simple as that.


There is no point in having a beautiful website if your team cannot manage it. Technology should be at your service, not the other way around.

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Best Charity Website Development

Charity organisations, nonprofits and NGOs nowadays need strong digital presence to drive fundraising efforts, as a place to communicate their impact and need to potential supporters, as well as allow for hiring and volunteer opportunities. With you will find a creative partner to transform it into an easy process to communicate your goals and values to the world.

Crafting a plan together

A problem well understood is a problem half solved. As partners, we will spend as much time as needed to learn what makes your organisation unique, and craft a plan together to shout about it to the world.

Building a strong image for your organization

We develop beautiful websites that not align with and elevate your brand, but also ensure that the right message is used for the right audience.

Be an expert

Try to offer content that is valuable and cannot be found anywhere else. This will make your site more discoverable by search engines and more engaging for users, giving them a real reason to connect with you.

Giving life to your website

From design to execution, we work with you on every step of the way. Don´t be afraid to change your mind along, sometimes the best ideas happen while walking. f your site looks static, chances are visitors will not be motivated to come back to your site…after all, they’ve seen it once, why would they want to see it again.

A heart made of…. Data!

All our decisions are data driven, so we lov

Working Everything and Everywhere

Is really important to check if your website is running properly in every device, be sure that all the content is displaying properly in mobile and desktop and your donation or form systems are both working.

How to Improve / Create a website for my nonprofit

Case Study - Taller de Solidaridad

Taller de Solidaridad

Website redesign focused on improving discoverability for visitors and usability both for internal and external audiences, with clear ways to convert .

Web improvement for Taller de Solidaridad ngo

Nonprofit Website Management Testimonials

Why work with us?


At GoodBytes, you work with people who care and take a genuine interest in your organisation and delivering value. We thrive helping others succeed.


We adapt to your particular team’s and organisation’s needs, not the other way around. Because here, YOU are the hero.


Being a small and nimble consultancy means you pay for results, not for layers and burocracy and management who add nothing to your mission.

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