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Grow your charity organization selling your own products or merchandising while keeping a nonprofit well-funded and sustainable tough business.

Charity Online Store Design

Why your Nonprofit needs an Online Store

By optimizing your website’s content for search engines, you make it easier for their web crawlers to understand your content and the topics you write about.

Better Branding

By owning the experience, you can boost your branding. You can create and sell your own products, merchandising… Buying a product is much more than a donation, so donors will remember your nonprofit.

More incomes

You can keep more of each donation. Specially if you avoid third party service that costs above and beyond the standard credit card fees.

Ecommerce for Nonprofits

Marketing Integration

Your online store will be one more element of your fundraising strategy and need to be integrated with all of them.

Product Promotion

Are you reaching a high-demanded market or do you need to start from the beginning?

Create your own Products

But what if you don’t already have merch to sell? We can help you to easily create your own products.

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Benefits of Ecommerce for Nonprofits

SEO for nonprofits is especially important because is an easy and effective way to get website traffic, without spending a fortune on paid marketing.


Multiple ways to support

Purchasing a product with more than economic products and other branded merchandise is a great way for your supporters to give in more ways than one.

Tell a compeling story

As humans, we are brought to action through stories. That needs to be one that will make your visitors care enough about your cause to donate or make a purchase.

Choose Profitable Products

When selecting items to sell, the most important thing to consider would be the featured message or customization design, as you will need to add value to your offerings.

Be Mobile-friendly

51% of people who visit a nonprofit’s website is mobile traffic and 25% of donors complete their donations on mobile devices.

How to Create / Improve my Online Store

Succesful Case of Online Store for NGO

Taller de Solidaridad

Only store creation to give the audience of this NGO the possibility to purchase fair trade products.

Online Charity Store Design

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At GoodBytes, you work with people who care and take a genuine interest in your organisation and delivering value. We thrive helping others succeed.


We adapt to your particular team’s and organisation’s needs, not the other way around. Because here, YOU are the hero.


Being a small and nimble consultancy means you pay for results, not for layers and burocracy and management who add nothing to your mission.

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