Turbo-Charge your Digital

Build your online presence, drive awareness, recruit supporters and increase your digital income. Easy!

Build a Digital Home for your Nonprofit

Website Building

In an era of new social networks, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things (yes, that's a thing), your website is still the central pillar of your digital ecosystem. Your home, so to say. And we build you one with all the bells and whistles you need.

Data Management

Just as you wish to keep an orderly home, you should keep an orderly website. Success in digital starts with clean, hot data so make sure your Analytics are up to scratch and your digital goals align with your business ones.

Tell Everyone About It

PPC and SEO Management

96% of every online session starts with a search, so making sure you are present when users try to find you -or your competition- is paramount. We are specialised in Google Grant management. 

Marketing -and Remarketing

Now you have your website, the next step is to open the doors and start bringing customers. Your free AdWords budget is a start, but if you are able to drive a positive ROI, investing in a multichannel activation campaign should be a no-brainer.

Social Marketing and Acquisition

The latest Facebook algorithms dropped organic reach by up to 52% in the first half of 2016 alone. Social marketing and acquisition has become a pay to play game. But fear not, there is a lot to play for little pay. We'll show you how...

Convert the Love

Online Fundraising

The core of every nonprofit digital strategy is how to maximise their online fundraising. By combining heart and head -and following a simple 4 step plan, we show you how to build a winning digital fundraising formula. And with the right tools, your fundraising funnel should deliver long term, low maintenance income.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

This is where the tinkering fun begins!  Once you understand your site, you can start fine tuning it for leads and donations or purchases.   A/B testing, dedicated landing pages, dynamic keyword insertion...  An optimised site will convert better at a higher value, making you instantly more profitable.

Retain and Monetise

Email Marketing and CRM

With an attrition rate average of up to 40% average (US data, 2015), supporter engagement and retention is possibly the single most important area to focus on in order to secure the long-term health of your organisation. Convert those leads into donors, keep them engaged and turn them into advocates.

Alternative Income Streams

It's easy to forget that your supporters are not only awesome people who love your cause; they are also readers, shoppers, gifters or holiday makers - amongst many other things- who love your cause. Awaken your entrepreneurial spirit and find alternative ways to drive value and maximise returns