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We offer a free first session for Nonprofits, Charities or NGOs to help with your digital strategy.

Consultoría Marketing ONG

While we are trying to run a business, we try to do so with a big heart. We all have to pay our bills, yes, but we wouldn’t have started GoodBytes if we didn’t truly believe in helping worthy causes accelerate their mission.

For this reason, we work with a selection of pro bono partners, dedicating free resources to help in areas like brand & digital strategy, campaign planning or media activation.

If you think you could benefit from a bit of help but are short on cash right now, get in touch. We work with a maximum of two partners at a time, but we are happy to plan in advance to try to match our free time to your future planning.

Pro Bono Consulting for Nonprofits


We will work together in order to find the key facts to boost your mission.


We will identify your target and use creativity to increase your donations.


We will analize your data to help you optimise your current resources.

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