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Have you ever thought what life would be like without being able to see the light of the sun,  colours, films, your family or friends? This is a reality for the many people who suffer from cornea problems.

The nonprofit INCUCAI teamed up with Sony, singer Dante Spinetta and Wunderman Thompson Argentina to encourage people to donate their corneas.

How is the initiative they had run?

In an interactive mobile experience, the video for Spinetta’s song “Aves” can only be seen if the viewer points their phone at another person’s eyes. When the camera sees someone’s eyes, the video is clear, but move it away and the screen blurs, making it impossible to see.

What did they want to get with this digital campaign?

The experience is tied to an awareness push about cornea donations from INCUCAI, an Argentinian organ donation nonprofit. The underlying message: People waiting for cornea donations also need someone else’s eyes to see the music video.

How did they manage the digital campaign?

The nonprofit teamed up with Sony, Spinetta and Wunderman Thompson Argentina to encourage people to donate their corneas. The campaign directs people to the INCUCAI website, where they can digitally consent to donating their corneas after death.

What results did they get?

Along with the video, they generated exclusive pieces for cinema, radio, Spotify and live events. More than 140,000 people have taken part in the experience, generating more than 4,000 new donors.

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