Why independent Digital Media becomes indispensable?

The importance of a good digital campaign
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The Chilean Red Cross launched a successful campaign based on getting help from independent digital media asking them to add an hyperlink to our donation website from their first line news.

Why began the biggest social outbreak of the last 30 years in Chile?

We are sure that you had hear and read fake news from mass media such as the Chile’s crisis came just because the government increased the transport prices or that all manifestants are violent people. But that’s not the real fact. The real fact is that Chile’s economy is very unequal and unfair.

As revealed in the latest edition of the Social Panorama of Latin America report prepared by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the wealthiest 1% of the country was left with 26.5% of the wealth in 2017, while 50% of the lowest-income households accessed only 2.1% of the country’s net wealth.

On the other hand, the minimum salary in Chile is 301,000 pesos (US $ 423) while, according to the National Institute of Statistics of Chile, half of the workers in that country receive a salary equal to or less than 400,000 pesos (US $ 562) a month.

With this salary, the protesters allege that an increase in the passage of the subway is inconceivable.

Even more so if it is considered that public transport in Chile is one of the most expensive in terms of average income. Chile is the ninth most expensive in the world. Thus, there are low-income families that can spend almost 30% of their salary on transportation, while within the richest socioeconomic level, the percentage of spending can be less than 2%.


The real reason of why Chilean Red Cross launched a campaign through independent digital media.

After weeks suffering and watching a terrible police and military violence against innocents protesters we could see how the mass media manipulated the Chile’s reality to protect the government. 36 deaths since that the social crisis began. Instead informing of this sad and real facts, the mass media justified the government action.



How Chilean Red Cross acted ?

By showing the importance of a good digital fundraising campaign.

They contacted a large number of independent digital media asking for a help. They didn’t need donations from them, they just needed their first line news to call an action. The message was clear, direct and easy.

“We have donated the first line of this news to the Chilean Red Cross and turned it into a link to its website. Click on it and donate to help them continue where they are most needed today: on the front line”. 

All independent digital media willing to help to the cause, just had to introduce the previous text in their first line news including a direct hyperlink to the Chilean Red Cross donation website. 

With an investment of 0 dollars, more than 100 Independent Digital Media donated their first line of news just including the previous text and hyperlink to Chilean Red Cross donation website. They raised over US$130.000, it has been the most successful campaign in the Chilean Red Cross’s history.

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