Email Marketing for Charities

Get more profit from all the data that you had collected to increase your perfomance.

Email marketing for nonprofits

Benefits of Email Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

Email marketing in particular remains one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective marketing methods. It’s definitely a channel that small charities can utilise in order to help increase donations and support.

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60% of non-profit organisations send email updates and fundraising appeals to donors. If you’re not doing this, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities for increased support

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54% of donors prefer to donate online. The email marketing is a non-intrusive way to let them donate when they feel that they really want.

Best Email Marketing for Nonprofits


You can create pieces of great content to update your audiences about how is your organization doing to keep them updated.

Marketing Automation

Save efforts creating automatic to send to your database every time that they interact with your oganization.

Data Management

Increase the knowledge that you have about your database. Find the way to get the information that you need.

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Nonprofit Email Newsletter

There are so many different types of email your charity can send out in order to increase donations, encourage ongoing support and raise awareness. With you will find a creative partner to transform it into an easy process to communicate your goals and values to the world avoiding the SPAM Folder.


As a nonprofit organization we know that you are doing something that helps to transform the world in a better place. Are you already telling this to your prospects?

Learn more about your prospects

Thanks to email marketing and CRM you will have all the information about your prospect at the same place. If you are missing anything from them we can lead them to the next step.

Great ROI

Email Marketing is one the sources with a best ROI because you are communicating with people that are interested in your organization.

A direct way of interaction

This a way to communicate that allows you to start the conversation with the name of the person. What about if we create personalized messages to every one of your stakeholders?

How to Improve my Nonprofit Email Marketing Strategy

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