Lead Generation for Nonprofits

Capture data, start conversations and cultivate your audience to boost your volunteer workforce and your income.

Nonprofit Lead Generation

Why Lead Generation for Nonprofit Organizations?

Imagine you are on a first date with somebody. Things are going well, you start to know each other and out of the blue… bam! You bring out a ring and ask them to marry you. Would you be surprised if they got up and left the building rapidly?

Most organisations fall into what we call marriage-at-first-sight syndrome: jumping onto a hard ask like a donation before the potential supporter even had the chance to understand the amazing work you are doing.

Soft asks, like signing up for a newsletter or signing a petition to show support offer your fans a soft commitment while giving you the tools to start a conversation with them that will educate and inspire them into taking final action and tie the knot as a long-term supporter for your cause.

Boost Nonprofit Lead Generation using your website

Your organisation’s website should be the central pillar of your digital strategy and yet, in the vast majority of the cases 99% of your visitors will leave and never come back. Sure, you have a button that says “Newsletter”, but we can guarantee that we can multiply the leads generated by your website within 30 days. Just like we 10xed leads for Make-A-Wish in Singapore…

Facebook as a tool of Lead Generation for Nonprofits

Facebook lead generation is the next step into your online acquisition journey. Facebook’s laser-focused targeting and almost endless optimisation and possibilities allow you not only to reach new audiences, but automatically convert them into leads to start a conversation with them. Add automated email supporter journeys to the equation, and you will have a digital fundraising funnel that reaches, acquires, educates and converts new audiences into meaningful supporters for your organisation

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Keys for Good Lead Generation for Nonprofits

Generating and nurturing leads can be an key first step into your supporter journey, and an excellent way to start monetising your website with data that you will be able to later on convert into income or volunteer hours!


Acquiring new leads is easy, but there is no point to acquisition without a clear plan for retention and monetisation. Plan your journey before starting!


Translate your impact and need in actionable content and messages that can be measured and tested.


Launching a campaign only marks the beginning of a long but exciting data journey. Improving audience targeting + refining messages + perfecting propositions = WIN.


Your organisation doesn’t only need leads -you need the right leads. No point in filling your database with cat lovers if you run a dog shelter…


Technology should be at your service, not the other way around. We are big fans of simple, efficient and cost-effective tools. If they are free, even better!

How to a start with Lead Generation Strategy for Nonprofits

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At GoodBytes, you work with people who care and take a genuine interest in your organisation and delivering value. We thrive helping others succeed.


We adapt to your particular team’s and organisation’s needs, not the other way around. Because here, YOU are the hero.


Being a small and nimble consultancy means you pay for results, not for layers and burocracy and management who add nothing to your mission.

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